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Our Company


Groundsolv Development Corporation is a duly registered company that started in the construction business and moved into ground engineering and earth sciences.

We have a pool of geological, geotechnical, and civil engineering experts with a wide range of experience in the country's geological, geotechnical investigation projects, environmental, and mining geology.

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Our Mission

To achieve the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and fairness for our clients, partners, and employees by providing excellent workmanship and assistance.

To expand our presence in existing markets by providing innovative and reliable solutions, while also seeking to enter new sectors based on our experience and consumer passions.

Company Vision

To be the leading Geoscience solutions provider and contractor of choice for our clients. A proactive business that continuously strives to deliver the latest technologies and bring clients success.

We Aim to Build a Better World.

Our Company  Core  Values


We provide our clients with creative, competitive, and sustainable solution. Forward thinking for innovative ideas and possibilities. We take pride in delivering solutions beneath the ground. We strive for the lowest cost and the highest value.      



We are a team of experts who strive to deliver the best results for our clients. Our expertise in project management, operations and risk management ensures that projects are delivered safely with a focus on time and within the budget.


Collaboration within teams help us provide effective solutions beneath the ground for our clients. By working together, we can approach complex problems with a collective mindset and the drive to excel in everything we do.


We strive to provide innovative and efficient solutions in everything we do. We lead our teams through encouragement and support to discover and develop concepts to manage the rapidly changing world.


Our people and their safety are the core of our success. With risk management and training, we can safeguard the investment of our workforce, partners, and clients.

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